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     About us (Immigration, LLC) is Latvian company which specialization is forming visas, residence permits for non-residents of European Union (EU) as well as company formation in Latvia (Baltic States).

Our main services are:

» company formation in Latvia;

» accounting services;

» immigration services (forming visas and residence permits);

» real estate.

 We have acquired great experience – it is not necessary to come to Latvia in any phase of activities of company formation if you don't have time.

We offer full package of services – establishing new company or offering shelf (ready – made) company, accounting services, annual reports, legal address, e-mails on Latvian web servers, sending post from Latvia according to needs of client as well as all kind of real estate services.

Why do you need immigration lawyer to Latvia (European Union)?

Immigration lawyer can help you in following:

» Analyze the facts of your immigration European Union (EU) case;

» Find the best way for you to immigrate to European Union (EU);

» Explain all the benefits of your immigration to European Union (EU);

» Explain immigration law and other regulations which can affect you;

» Avoid delays and problems of your immigration case;

» Avail the system to your advantage because immigration layer has such experience.


If You need immigration services or other legal services, please contact us

 Tel.             (371) 29 112 333      



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Latest Company news:

 31.10.2012. registered company which will work with security systems

 22.10.2012. registered US gold and silver sales company in Latvia

 19.10.2012. registered Swedish company start recruitment business in Latvia

 05.10.2012. registered company to open beauty salon in Latvia

 03.10.2012. registered Swedish consulting company in Latvia

 15.09.2012. signed agreement with AS Baltikums bank - to represent bank and open to clients bank accounts remotely in AS Baltikums bank

 13.09.2012. registered Swedish service company in Latvia

 10.09.2012. registered Swedish consulting company in Latvia

 20.08.2012. registered company in Latvia to open restaurant - Indian / Georgian kitchen

 08.08.2012. registered new trading company in Latvia to Chinese entrepreneurs


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