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Immigration to Latvia

Immigration services >>Immigration to Latvia (European Union & Schengen) is a Latvian company providing a wide range of services relating also to emigration and integration into European market.

We guarantee a high quality of service provision. Our company makes it possible for you to obtain a multi-entry visa and get legalized in the country, start a company which operates in a way which corresponds to your profile, open a bank account, purchase real estate in Latvia and establish contacts with business partners in all countries in the European Union.

We will prepare tax documents and register your company with the governmental institutions. We will work together with you to develop and implement a plan which will enable you to achieve the relevant status.

Here you can get all necessary information our services related to immigration to Latvia.
» About Latvia
» Latvia in European Union, Schengen
» Latvia in Baltic states
» Advantages of immigration to Latvia
» Scheme of immigration to Latvia
» Information about Visa
» Short term Visa
» Long term Visa
» Invitation
» Work permit
» Residence permit
» Study in Europe – Latvia
» Legalization of documents

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