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Accounting Services

Company offers accounting services and accounting consultations concerning with accountancy of tax and personnel. We realize full financial analysis of accountancy and timely notification to manager about any risk which endanger successful development of business.
Company also manages making accounting reports, all necessary accounting documents and delivering them to State revenue service, Central Statistical Bureau and other institutions of the Republic of Latvia.
If you choose accounting services in Company we take consequences for accuracy and punctuality of accounting services in your Company and in accordance with all regulations of accounting. Delegating accounting services to us you will save up on personnel, taxes as well as on working place and qualification courses in accounting for employee, without which professional accounting is impossible.

Accounting services we offer include:
– Accountancy in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia;
– Analysis of the primary documentation;
– Drawing up of all necessary reports (declaration) and submitting them to the territorial office of the State revenue service;
– Representation in State revenue service;
– Drawing up bookkeeping organization documents;
– Verification of payments with dealing partners;
– Calculation of the salary;
– Working with source documents, entering them into registers;
– Consultations on questions about accounting;
– Drawing up of all internal documents according to legislation;
– Tax optimization.

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