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!!! Advantages of Latvian company !!!

One of our main services is formation (establishing) companies in republic of Latvia in State Register of enterprises. Our employees according to your needs are ready to give you all necessary information and consultations about establishing Latvian company and necessary documents, as well as drawing up all required documents for registering of Latvian company.

There are several company types in Latvia – Limited Liability Company, Joint Stock Company, individual businessman, limited partnership etc. Here you can find main necessary information about formation of most popular company type in Latvia– Limited Liability Company as well as our offered services related with changes in foundation documents of company.


– Minimum share capital – € 2800, at least half to be paid up;
– Minimum directors: one required;
– No restrictions on foreign shareholders or directors;
– Registered office address (Legal address);
– A visit to Latvia is necessary to open a bank account, to sign documents and to discuss accounting requirements or there is also possibility to register company without visiting Latvia by making power of attorney to register company and open bank account and filling some necessary documents
Please feel free to contact us for additional information about these or alternative arrangements and possibilities.

Benefits of limited liability company (LLC or SIA) in Latvia:

– company is legal entity;
– all company liabilities are limited with the share capital;
– simply procedure of registration of company;
– it is not necessary to visit Latvia for registering of limited liability company in Latvian state register of enterprises;
– owner of limited liability company can be any person (legal entity and physical person) and also offshore company;
– simply managing (can managed by one person);
– there is not necessary for local (resident) director of company;
– Corporate income tax of Limited Liability Company is 15%.

Required information for registering LLC:

– company name (there can used letters of Latvian or Latin alphabet, must be different from name of already registered company);
– legal address of LLC (legal address must be located in Republic of Latvia, we offer service of legal address);
– information about founders of company;
– information about board of members;
– information about share capital;

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